The Healing Rooms of North Florida


To bring and perpetuate healing to the Body of Christ so the believers (sons and daughters of God) can bring healing (body, soul, spirit) to the World; to teach and equip with a Salvation Message, A Healing Word, the Anointing that empowers the Word; to provide prayer and deliverance for the Sick and Bound; to bring unity and impartation to the Local Body of Believers (the Church). To heal, equip, encourage, and release Believers into ministry according to Mark 16:17. To be stewards of regional transformation, bringing Heaven to Earth.



To establish a sustained center for the:

Equipping, encouraging, and release of Believers into the Ministry of Christ, specifically healing and deliverance, and the supernatural manifestation of the love and power of God.

To establish local centers of transformation throughout the region

To encourage unity among Believers in the region

To release the Kingdom of God (Heaven) through individual Believers both in House of Worship, and into the Region by the release of the miraculous power and love of Christ

And through this work and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, see Revival in our Region by the Release of the Power and Love of God


The Healing Rooms of North Florida offers  appointments for healing prayer at:

1. At locations in Jacksonville, Florida, or

2. At hospitals, assisted living or rehab facilities, or homes for bed-ridden patients who are unable to travel.

 We will pray for you to be healed in body, soul, and spirit. We provide with a loving, safe, and confidential environment in which to receive God's boundless love and healing power.

What To Expect at the Healing Center of North Florida

When you arrive: you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire and release form to help us pray for your personal situation.  Your prayer request form will be given to one of our 2-3 person prayer teams. They will read your request and pray over it, asking the Holy Spirit to show them how to minister to you. When the team is ready, one of them will personally great you and escort you to the prayer room.

Your prayer session: a typical prayer session lasts 30-45 minutes and may take an hour or more depending on the situation and how God moves. There will be 2-3 prayer ministers participating with one of them acting as the designated leader. Beginning with the leader, each team member will pray for you as God leads with the others praying in agreement. At the end of the ministry, the team may suggest various Bible readings, study materials, or other resources to assist you.

Our heart is that all our guests  experience the love of God and His healing power through us at every visit. Some of our guests instantly receive the healing they need while others receive it progressively. Know that we will stay with you in prayer and support for as many sessions as you need.

Often Asked Questions

1. Is there any cost for the sessions or a visit? There is never a charge of any type. You may make a donation towards the ministry if you desire.

2. Will you keep my information and ministry confidential? Absolutely! Under no circumstances will we share any information without your express permission.

3. Do I have to be a member of a particular church or denomination? Saved or a practicing Christian? No. Jesus healed all He encountered! We follow His example of love and compassion for all people.

4. I really got something from my first appointment, can I schedule another one?Yes, you are welcome to set as many appointments as you need.

5. Do you offer any other resources besides the individual prayer sessions? Yes. We have several resources available - we have a prayer and intercession meeting each Wednesday you may attend in person or send  a prayer request to, and meetings open to the public on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings which are also live cast on Facebook Live.

How To Set A  Prayer Appointment

 Email us at

(904) 713-5243